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How to Start a Reflection Paper and Finish It with Success

Writing a reflection paper is a task you will surely be given at some point of your academic life. This type of essay requires a specific format and approach based on the instructions and general guidelines. Learning how to write a reflection paper on a book is not simple, but this article should help you master it effectively and fast.

What Is a Reflection Paper?

A reflection paper is an essay where the writer expresses his/her mind and thoughts about a specific thing, idea, event, or fact. This essay is also called a self-reflection essay.

How to Write a Reflection Paper – Tips and Tricks

To help you write a reflection paper, we gathered some general tips that apply to all such assignments:

How to Write a Reflective Paper on a Book?

If you are given the task to write such a paper on a book, you need to know the basics of this type of academic paper writing. No matter what idea your paper covers, you need some very specific features that make that paper a reflective paper. If you are going to write a paper of this kind, you need to learn how to write a reflection essay that has the characteristics such essays require.

Personal Experiences and Approach

Naturally, this paper type requires expressing your personal experiences. In addition to it, as its writer, you will be required to have a personal approach toward writing it. Express your thoughts and position in regard to the book you are writing the paper on to make it a reflection paper.

Create a Reflective Format

Writing a reflection paper demands from you a reflective format and presentation of the topic in every aspect. The goal to keep in mind is about exploring and teaching something to the readers.

Be Perceptive

Writers shouldn’t retell your story after reading your paper. This isn’t enough for you as the writer of that paper. This is why a reflection paper requires critical thinking and actual analysis of the read book. Instead of retelling the story as you understood it, you need to analyze it and create a paper based on that analysis. In your paper, be perceptive and base your words on the goals and ideas the book author was reaching.

Follow the Quality Standards

Quality standards are a must for any paper you will be given and this does not exclude the reflection paper. Before you submit it, polish the paper and ensure that it is clear. Each fact used in this paper must comply with the facts in and for the book you are ‘reviewing’. If you still worry that your essay might have errors, ask others to edit it for you.

How Do You Write a Reflection Paper on an Interview?

Crafting a reflection paper demands pretty much the same, whether it is for an event, book, or an interview. Requirements must be met in any case, and the structure always remains the standard one – introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

You are allowed to use ‘’I’’ when writing a reflection paper. The introduction should provide a hook and hints that link it to the conclusion, which is also the case with other paper types. Also, remember that the reflective essay is all about experiences and personal opinions, which naturally applies to interviews, too.

To aid you in scoring high grades for the reflection paper on an interview, we made a short list of tips for you to follow:

Start with an Insightful Introduction

Don’t get too vague from the beginning. A reflection paper isn’t your typical formal writing, but a paper where you express thoughts and feelings. This means that you need to build a connection with the reader, not write an official introduction with no hook whatsoever.

In your introduction, make sure to include a thesis statement that tells the reader what can be expected from the content. Your writing should fit the barriers of an academic task, but in a way that connects you to the reader.

Write the Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs for your reflective piece resemble the structure of any other paper you have written. In them, explore the thesis in its entirety and divide the actual interview in at least three parts.

To provide more details and better express your thoughts and ideas, feel free to quote some interview parts. If you are writing this paper for a grade, this will serve to demonstrate to your instructor that you have actually been dedicated to the task.

Adding quotes and organizing the interview details for the body paragraphs will give you a shot at organizing the paper in the way it is supposed to be. You won’t just get thoughts out of nowhere, so it is only natural for the reader to want to know where you get all your ideas.

Write a Striking Conclusion

As previously mentioned, the conclusion is closely related to the introduction in the sense that it provides the tone to the paper by finishing your ideas introduced in the beginning. You used the body paragraphs to support a thesis, so use the conclusion to draw a bottom line. The conclusion shouldn’t attract attention, but summarize what you explained in the body paragraphs and answer any questions asked in the introduction.

Reflection articles demand critical thinking and careful approach that fits not only the instructions, but the general rules for writing this paper too. This article should help you learn how to write this paper type successfully.

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