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 “A friend advised me to hire a pro to write my research paper, but why would I do that?”

That’s a question that a freshman would have. When you start college, you think you’re at the top of the world. Everything seems possible. But if you still haven’t written a research paper, you have no idea how challenging the project is. Many students buy essays online because even the simplest academic assignments are a huge burden. A research paper requires more effort, more time, and better skills than a simple essay.

Let’s see: what would make you think “I need someone to write my research paper for me?”

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Research Paper?

Yes; you can! Through a simple order form, you can order the exact type of content you need. Just make the decision: “I want an expert to write my research paper,” and fill in the order form at Essay-on-Time.com.

Who Can Write My Research Paper for Me?

We know what you’re thinking. “I’m ready to pay someone to write my research paper, but I want it perfect.” It will be perfect, since we’ll assign an expert with a degree to work on it. We hired writers with postgraduate degrees from various areas of study.

Is It Safe to Pay Someone to Write My Research Paper?

We understand your worries. “What if I hire someone to write my essay online and my teacher finds out? What if I get plagiarized content? What if it’s paraphrased and my teacher tracks the source? What if I get scammed? What if I don’t get the paper on time?”

You have many questions. We have all the answers.

Yes; it’s absolutely safe to use Essay On Time when you want to order research papers online. Here’s why:

Do you know what impression our customers have after dealing with our writers for the first time? “It’s safer to pay someone to write my research paper than to write it myself.” That’s right! When you hire a professional writer, you multiply your chances to get a high grade.

How Will You Write My Research Paper for Me?

We established a convenient process that delivers great results every single time. Allow us to explain how it works.

  1. “If I want you to write my research paper for me, I need you to follow my instructions.” Exactly! That’s the right mindset to have when hiring professional writers. At our website, you’ll complete a form that indicates your guidelines.

The form asks for technicalities, such as area of study, deadline, quality level, number of pages and so on. However, it also leaves space for the real details. What do you expect from this project? Did you find any resource that you want the writer to use? Do you have a stance? Feel free to express yourself!

  1. Now you’re wondering: “Who will write my research paper?” We’ll check the instructions from your form and we will assign the project to an experienced writer. This will be an expert with a doctoral or Master’s degree in the niche of the topic.
  2. The writer will conduct in-depth research. For a project of this type, the research process sets the course. Our writers have access to all academic and scientific resources they need. You’d have to pay to access these materials online. Our writers can use them in full.
  3. The author will follow all your instructions to deliver a relevant paper on time. If there’s anything you want them to change, you’ll make a requirement for revisions. We do not charge extra for revisions. You get a guarantee that we’ll complete them for free, and we’ll do it ASAP.

Can I Get Free Tips to Help Me Write My Research Paper?

Our writers are here to write papers upon your request. But many students hear about Essay on Time and wonder: “Can you help me write my research paper for free?”

Yes. We can!

We can help by offering you valuable tips inspired from the practice of our talented writers.

Give Yourself Enough Time

You already know you can’t write an entire research paper overnight. It’s a long and demanding project.

How long do you think you need? A week? Then give yourself at least two weeks. Your professor informs you about the deadline way before it’s due, so don’t make excuses and start on time.

When you tackle the project step by step, you’ll spend half an hour per day working on it. That doesn’t seem overwhelming, does it?

Set Progressive Goals

“I’ll write the research paper!” That seems like a challenging goal. This is a demanding assignment, so that kind of thinking may drive you away from it.

Adopt this mindset instead: “I’ll find three resources today and three others tomorrow. I’ll read them and take notes over the weekend. I’ll write the outline on Monday, and I’ll write one chapter per day from Tuesday on. I’ll edit next weekend and it will be ready three days before the deadline.”

These are progressive goals. They make the final achievement more realistic.


“Now I’ll sit and write my research paper. Nothing else matters at this moment. I will focus and I will not be distracted.”

Repeat that to yourself. You can do this! You can write the paper; all you need is some time and focus. Install browser extensions that block social media and other distracting sites. All you’ll do is work on the paper for at least half an hour. Then, you can take a break and call a friend or scroll through Instagram for few minutes.

Always Edit!

Students love skipping the last stage. It seems less important than writing, since the paper is already done. Oh; but it’s not done. You have to improve its structure and style. You need to get rid of grammar and syntax flaw. Please commit yourself to entire process! Only a well-edited paper is a good paper.

How Much Does It Cost to Pay Someone to Write My Research Paper?

You tried writing the paper and it didn’t work? It’s okay. You always have the backup option: you can order it from Essay On Time.

How much will it cost?

You’ll be happy to see our price chart. We give you the most affordable prices even for the urgent deadlines. For research papers, the quotes start from $19.99 per page. Remember that you’ll always get a discount, so the final price will be more affordable than you assume.

Don’t waste any time! At this point, you should be thinking: “I’m ready to pay someone to write my research paper!”

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