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Top Seven Topics for a Persuasive Essay and Tips on How to Write Them

Choosing a topic for a persuasive essay is not easy. In fact, many students share the opinion that this is the hardest part of essay writing, especially when it comes to an assignment such as this one.

Why is a persuasive essay different, you might ask? Well, picking out topics for a persuasive essay demands a lot of consideration and time since this specific essay should be based on thorough research and a clearly defined point of view.

This article won’t just give you some topics for a pursuasive essay. It will help you master the writing part, catch the eye of your readers, and do exactly what the task demands of you – persuade them that your idea is the best idea available.

Steps for Choosing Persuasive Essay Topics

Any essay type will include similar steps: state the thesis, provide some arguments and evidence, conclude your findings. However, there is much more to it than just a structure. How you formulate the thesis and which persuasion skills you use in your writing will be the greatest determinant for the effectiveness of your essay and the persausive paper topics you will choose.

Before you go into making the final choice, you need to learn more about this essay as an essay type. Here are some basic things you must know:

No matter what persuasive paper topics you choose for your essay, following the structure is essential for the success of the paper. This is closely discussed below.

Outlining Your Persuasive Essay

By structure, this paper type is similar to other essays you have written, in the sense that it includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Based on your idea, opinion, and research, support each argument you make with statistics and facts. Don’t be afraid to speak of the opposing ideas, this will only strengthen your point of view if introduced properly.

With a persuasive essay, you can do many things. You can motivate the reader to feel happy, to feel pain or anger, to hate the other point of view or respect it but reject it, etc. However, whatever approach you choose, there is a structure you simply must follow in your outline and your writing:


Body paragraphs


The Best Persuassive Paper Topics You Should Consider

Writing this essay can be challenging due to the grand amount of effort you must put into finding data that supports your point of view. But at the same time, this is one of the most adrenaline-pumping papers out there. The whole idea of having to convince others that you are right is inviting, isn’t it? This is in the nature of every human being – to be right and prove it.

We made a list of seven pursuasive paper topics you should definitely test.

1. Schools should monitor video games and ban the violent ones for students

Convincing a parent that a video game is not violent might be easier, but have you looked at this from the eyes of an adult who cares for a child? If you choose this topic, aim toward the feelings of your readers and make them look through those eyes. This will help support your arguments for the violent games and the threats they represent.

2. Students who are financially motivated enjoy higher achievements in academics

Many parents pay their children, award them whenever they get a high grade at school. Financial or any other reward is a good motivation, but some do not support the idea of actually giving money to children to promote learning. Which side will you take and why?

3. Social media is or is not dangerous to the people’s privacy

The idea that the government oversees our social media accounts is present everywhere, in movies, books, programs, etc. Take a stand that supports or rejects this, explore if it is the case with all social media channels, and start persuading the readers of your point of view.

4. Working hours are better handled when made flexible

Flexible work is highly promoted nowadays. Many people quit their daily jobs to become freelancers because the traditional work does not allow for flexibility. Some companies implemented flexibility in the workplace. Is this better for the performance and health of the employees, or is it detrimental for the success and their actual work? Is procrastination a bigger issue?

5. LSD is or is not harmful for people

Drugs are a huge topic, and a common one in this type of essays, too. This is a very contradictory topic, which is why you can approach it from many sides. Based on your research and the evidence, take a stand. You can choose between those who do not support free usage of this drug or those who support it. Also speak of the effects of LSD for the body and health.

6. Education should be free of charge or not

Encourage the readers to take your side: do you believe that education should be free or paid? If it is free, what will be the result? What is the result of it being paid?

7. The minimum wage needs to rise in times of inflation

If you are into economics and introduced to financial topics, choose this topic. You will need to perform big research on inflation, but the arguments you choose will be fun to read.

Not all ideas in this list can be considered easy persuasive essay topics. But, your goal should not be to discuss a theme that has been researched over and over again. Your goal is to find something interesting for the audience, create your opinion and use data to support it.

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