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How to Write an Informative Essay – Pro Tips to Make the Writing Process Interesting

There has been an argument that academic essays are examples of informative essays since it provides particular information on an assigned topic. Although this could be true to some extent, an informative paper has its explicit features.  In this post, we’ve shared expert tips on how to write an informative essay.

What Is an Informative Essay- Informative Essay Definition

When you are asked to define informative essay by your teacher, what definition can you give?

Chances are that you have written this sort of paper before during your educational years, but you might not be aware of the informational essay definition. If you want to understand the concept of an informative essay, then you must first know its definition.

In short, an informative essay is a piece of writing that is done at any level of education in any type of study field and aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of a certain chosen topic. It is not a persuasive or argumentative essay and it is aimed at providing the audience with new and thought-provoking information.

How to Write an Informative Essay: Overview

Before you start writing an informative essay there are pre-writing factors you need to keep in mind. You need to have a set plan so that you can organize information effectively and hence simplify and speed up the whole essay writing process.

This is to help you come up with a list of interesting topics for your informative essay. Most of the time, you will have the freedom to choose the topic of your essay but sometimes you may be instructed by your teacher or professor. It is good to choose a topic that you have limited knowledge about since it will help you to broaden your general knowledge and also challenge you when it comes to analyzing the information you are not knowledgeable about.

One way to brainstorm a topic for an informative essay is to conduct research to identify a topic that has latest and credible materials before deciding which one to pick. At this stage, you should brainstorm on a topic that will beneficial and interesting to the reader.

Now that you’ve chosen a topic to write about, you need to write a thesis statement before you start writing the informative essay. What information do you want the reader to know? Why is the particular problem significant? How will you persuade your audience of the significance of the problem? You need to be clear about all these questions before you embark on writing the paper.

In your first draft of the informative essay, you should present a list of questions relevant to the topic you’ve chosen and whether there are facts you know, either from your own knowledge or from experience. To show that you’ve encountered the problem, you need to give explicit examples.

This will help you to pick sources that are credible, related and latest ones. In this case, you should pick sources that are not older than 6 years. Note that you should avoid using one type of source. Ensure to provide distinct types of sources to make your informative essay comprehensive. Once you are done, the last stage is writing the body and conclusion.

Informative Essay Outline

Which statement explains the main reason to create an outline for an informative essay? Read below to know why you should create an outline.

The purpose of an outline for an informative essay is to guide while writing the essay so that you don’t get lost in the middle of writing the paper. It is similar to the table of contents, although it is not mandatory to write it. However, is important to write this part to prevent yourself from facing what is called “writer’s block” during the essay writing process.

An informative essay is written in the common style and consists of the Introduction, the body, and the conclusion?

How to Write an Informative Essay- The Introduction

This is the initial stage when writing an informative essay and you must ensure it appeals to the audience at the first glance. The introduction will make the reader continue or just navigate away to other pages. So you must make it catchy and interesting. The first sentence of your introduction should be able to grab the reader’s attention and it should be relevant to the topic. You may use a rhetorical question here. To finalize the introduction is a coherent thesis statement. Note that the last sentence in your introduction is where the whole paper is based around, so you need to craft it well.

How to Write an Informative Essay- The Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of an informative essay are meant to defend the thesis statement and enlighten the readers about the uniqueness of the topic. Therefore, you should share some thought-provoking facts. In this case, you need to incorporate the three elements in the body paragraphs which are the clam, supportive proof and enlightenment. Note that you should start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. The body section should not be more than 3 paragraphs.

How to Write an Informative Essay- The Conclusion

This is the wrap up of your informative essay paper. This is where you will provide a summary of the skills you obtained and the main points you’ve provided in the body paragraphs of your paper.

Pro Tip: You should avoid adding any new information and questions that are not covered in your introduction or body sections of your paper in the conclusion.

 You can explain why the paper you’ve just written has value and how the readers can apply this information and where.

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