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How to Write an Analytical Essay

There are all sorts of academic assignments, and the key to writing them stands in knowing how to properly write an analytical paper. Such an assignment can give you a headache sometimes. You have to go through a lot of procedures like creating the outline for your analysis essay, prepare your research material, while also mentally preparing to overcome any difficulties you may encounter during the writing process.

The first thing you must know about how to write an analysis paper is that you’re not dealing with a basic summary. In fact, you must bring arguments and insightful points, so you can comprehensively analyze the required subject. Therefore, for the students who encounters difficulties in writing their analytical assignments, in today’s post, we’re presenting you a simple guide on how to write a flawless analytical essay.

What is an Analytical Essay?

When you’re assigned to create an analytical essay for a specific theme, you basically need to come up with solid PROs and CONs arguments, along with a sustainable analysis to maintain your points. You can write analytical essays about several different things. Most often, students are required to analyze books, movies, scientific researches, and even historical events.

Take this analytical essay example for a better understanding: if you have to analyze a book, it implies that you have to analyze the author writing style, the methods he used to transmit his ideas or feelings, and, most importantly, the impact he wanted to have on the readers.

Analyzing one’s work is a very tough job at first, but as you keep doing it, you’ll understand the ins and outs better than anyone. Analytical essays help you organize your thoughts better, assess life situations in a more effective manner, and improve your communication skills. Is not that hard now that you know what is an analytical essay, right?

How to Write an Analytical Essay?

Now that we clarified what an analysis paper is, let’s get to more serious matters like how to write an analytical essay. Firstly, you must write a thesis related to the chosen or given topic, in which you should make some clear statements in a few sentences.

Secondly, you should create an outline that you should follow for each part of the paper. This will help you keep all your brilliant ideas and put them head to head wisely. This way, the writing process will be much smoother as your brain will be free to focus on a thing at a time as you created a logical way for you to write and the reader to read.

There are more ways you can write an analytical essay, but without any exception, it must contain three main things. Here is an analysis essay example of an outline:

  1. Introduction
  1. Body
  1. Conclusion

How to Write an Analysis Essay Introduction Properly?   

The introduction serves as the first and the most important shot to catch the reader’s eyes and make him want to keep reading your paper. As I enumerated above, in the introduction you must introduce some crucial points.

The hook sentence must break the limits of the ordinary if you want your audience really hooked. There are several methods you can use to your advantage, such as the use of sarcasm, asking a rhetorical and yet provocative question, or even saying a joke.

Now, you must introduce the reader to the topic you’re going to present and present the author’s opinion about it. This is what the thesis stands for. In the following sentences from the introduction, you must give the reader more background information in order to introduce him to the topic, so your arguments will make more sense.

In most analytical essay examples, if the topic is of historical nature, you’ll have to present the main reason why those events had happened. In addition to that, providing some trustworthy evidence is critical, and much of it can be found on the Internet. But if you find it hard to write and need more practical examples of analytical essays, there are plenty you can find online.

How to Write a Great Analytical Paper Conclusion?

Your hard work is almost done. If you already ensured that your argument leads logically to the conclusion, it’s time to simply paraphrase what you already presented in the introduction part of your paper.

As well, you can leave a personal touch on your analysis essays, like a recommendation, a piece of advice, a wise joke, or your conspiracy theory in the subject. No matter how you choose to end your paper, just make sure you don’t bring in discussing new ideas, as in the conclusion there is no place for this.

There are many points you can summarize in the conclusion. Do your best to choose and relate only the ones that you want your reader to remember. Keep it as concise as possible without adding anything irrelevant.


Writing a top-notch analytical essay requires knowledge, skills, and commitment. It’s a consistent practice that leads to mastery, and the more you work on it the faster you’ll improve your skills. Every time you find yourself failing or receiving a grade which is less than you’ve expected, hold your head high and keep improving both your writing and analytical skills. Most importantly, don’t give up on yourself – failing is just a feedback that waits to be implemented in your next attempts!

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