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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

There are a lot of intelligent students who cannot afford to pay their educational taxes, so their entire fate depends on one single text – the scholarship essay. As a consequence, this paper has to be more than perfect. Below, you will find some essential guidelines to creating an appealing and effective scholarship essay. Follow them and impress the admission committee!

1. Carefully read the instructions received from college. The key to a successful essay is to completely understand the requirement – what are you supposed to write about, what personal experiences are you asked to recall, what skills you need to emphasize and so on

2. Decide what you want to write about and how to structure it inside the text. This is the next obvious step – after a brainstorming process, choose the best ideas and make a plan for the future essay. A great structure will considerably ease your work – just try hard to respect the initial plan and not to come up with more and more new ideas that will only create chaos inside the text.

3. Check the outline. Before starting to write the actual essay, make sure that every idea from the plan corresponds to the initial requirement. In this way, the result will be a strong and concentrated paper, and not one full of meaningless words.

4. Write the essay using a formal writing style and adding a personal touch. Develop the essay according to the outline and avoid using a precious language. Forget about metaphors, artistic comparisons and other stylistic effects. You don’t have to write a poem, but a clear, concise and persuasive paper! If you have a personal writing style, incorporate it inside the text, without forgetting about the academic standards though.

5. Don't hesitate to mention all your relevant accomplishments and your best qualities. The tricky part is how you write about them – try not to sound bragging. Instead, the committee should feel that you are aware of your strengths and you know how to take advantage of them.

6. Read, proofread, edit, rewrite. The final step is vital – read the essay and eliminate any mistakes encountered. If some phrases are problematic, it is better to rewrite them from scratch than to patch them up. Pay extra attention to punctuation and grammar!

Now that your scholarship essay is done we have one more question – Who is your greatest critic? Give him/her the paper and ask about a fair opinion. You will receive an objective feedback!
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