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How to Write a Descriptive Essay

The purpose of descriptive essay is to create a lively image for the reader while describing either a person, a place, particular object or some experience or event. The meaning of the personal story here is unveiled through detailed, sensory observation that employs all human senses to bring the subject to life. Here’s what is important when writing a descriptive essay:

Select a Topic

At first you must select a topic, decide who or what exactly you want to describe in your essay, and why. The subject must be interesting for you and for your readers. Think how this person, place, or object is significant for your life, think about their qualities, and try describe that in your essay. The topic doesn’t have to be famous or unusual – you can write about your grandma, or your favorite toy, or about the tree house in your yard.

How Will You Describe The Selected Subject?

Now that you know who or what will be the topic of your descriptive essay, it is time to decide how to describe this subject. Your readers must completely understand your thoughts, and they should be able to experience things same as you do when writing. Think of the power of language and try to express your thoughts as vividly as you can. Don’t tell the readers what has happened, but show them how it has happened. Involve all their senses and write your sentences so the audience can not only see, but also hear, touch, taste and smell your words.

Consider Proper Structure

A solid descriptive essay also considers the requirements for proper structuring, including:
- An introductory paragraph with captivating and engaging thesis statement that piques the interest of your readers.
- Minimum of three body paragraphs with a topic sentence and following lines that support the stated. Your writing should be interesting and easy to understand by your readers. Make sure you include appropriate transitions from one paragraph to another.
- Conclude and sum up the most important concepts that were discussed in your descriptive essay, and finish with an afterthought that will intrigue the readers’ interest into finding more about the topic.
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