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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

The five-paragraph essay is regular essay form intended for beginners to measure their basic writing skills, and is quite popular at the English and Literature classes in school and college as a timed exercise. It has the classic essay structure and composition, with a certain main idea backed up by supporting statements, so it’s very practical for students to help them develop their essay writing skills. Here are few important tips on how to write a 5 paragraph essay:

Follow the traditional structure of an essay

Start with an introductory paragraph, continue with the main body, and finish with a conclusion. Introduction and conclusion are two of the essay paragraphs, and the other three are consisted in the main body text as supporting for the general topic sentence. Correct composition of the essay structure is very important so make sure you know these basic rules. The introductory paragraph is where you should explain to your readers what you will write about, listing some interesting and effective points that will excite the readers about your essay. A successful introduction keeps the audience eager to find out the continuation.

The 5-paragraph essay main body

Start the first paragraph with your strongest arguments that support the main idea you have stated in the introduction of the essay. Share your thoughts and opinions on the matter and try to convince the reader into the accuracy behind your words. In the second paragraph provide additional arguments on the topic by giving some examples from your own experience, or from other people’s experiences, particularly if they are famous experts working in that field. Try to connect the problem your essay is covering to different professions, cultures and spheres of life, and showcase the importance of this problem. Finish the main body with the last, mostly weakest arguments, and demonstrate how the reader is moving towards the final paragraph of the essay.

End with a conclusion

A successful conclusion contains the main statement from the introduction of the 5 paragraph essay but rewritten in different words to underline the key elements after the provided supporting arguments. After this summarize the three paragraphs from the main body text, and give your final statement so the readers will understand your idea and get interested into researching it further.
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