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Useful Tips for Writing Different Types of Essays

Most students dread the task of writing homework, especially in subjects they don’t particularly enjoy. There is also the issue of having to write different types of essays almost on daily basis. This might sound fun, but more often than not, different types essays can cause you a headache. 

Some essays will be excellent for you, while others you will literally hate. Some will be longer than others, and some will require a completely opposite approach than others. The main goal of each essay given as an assignment is to meet the instructions and general rules. This article will help you categorize between different types of essays, as well as give you some tips for writing them.

Things You Need to Know About Different Kinds of Essays

Instead of going into each assignment you get individually and blindly, it is smart to get informed on the most popular essay types. Basically, you can differentiate between different kinds of essays based on the four main categories.

1. Expository Type of Essays

Expository essays require plenty of time and dedication due to the large volume. Because of the complex nature, you can separate this type further into sub-categories:

2. Descriptive Type Essay

Basically, the goal of a descriptive type of essay is to describe something by analyzing a specific topic, object, literary piece, event, etc. Some popular tools used in this essay type are personifications, analogies, similes, metaphors, and allegories.

3. Narrative Essay Type

A narrative essay can talk of literally everything the writer wants to say, expressing their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is one of the very few essay types that do not require you to use external sources.

4. Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

The fourth essay type is the persuasive or argumentative essay. If given such task, you need to speak of a chosen point of view considering a chosen issue. In the argumentative essay, your task is to defend your point of view with related evidence and arguments. In the latter, you need to persuade the reader to choose your point of view.

What Are the Different Types of Essays That You Will Need at One Point or Another?

In addition to the different types of essays and examples we listed above, there are four other types you should definitely know of. True, there are many essay types that exist, but this category combines a different type of essays, one you will need to write at least once in a lifetime, but will be very important.

Admission or Scholarship Essays

Admission essays are your ticket to better education. After you graduate, you’ll need to write an excellent essay to enter the high education of your choice. To do this, you’ll need to include the following in your writing:

A very similar essay type to this one is the scholarship essay, which also serves to get you accepted. The main goal of this essay is to persuade a school board that you deserve financial support. This is basically an essay that, if written well, can bring you money.

Process Analysis Essay

This second essay type can also be added to the list of expository essays. It is very important for those who want to become technical writers, as well as those who study in technical fields. The question answered with this type of essay is ‘’How to’’.

Cultural Identity Essay

The world is full of different cultures, which makes it highly likely for you to be assigned such an essay. Many schools assign a cultural identity essay to help students understand each other based on traditions and customs. Such essays can cover personal viewpoints, traditions, religion, customs, language, etc.

Informative Essay

Informative essays are commonly assigned. Such essays cover topics by using special terms, detailed descriptions, and analysis that are supported by plenty of evidence, and credible.

Tips for Writing Different Essay Types

Now that we have you informed of the eight most popular essay types and kinds, you sure want to know some tips for writing essays for your academic level. Here are some tips separated into categories for different academic levels.

Middle School Essays

High School Essays

College Essays

Still struggling with your essays? This article will guide you in the right direction as to which essay types you will most need during your education. The internet is filled with examples of different essays, so make sure to study those whenever you find it hard to master a certain essay type. Practice makes perfect, even in essay writing, so don’t give up!

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