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How to Manage Time during Finals Week

Here comes the end of another term. That's a good thing; you will finally be able to relax before the new one begins. However, there is something preventing you from doing a happy dance: finals. There is so much studying and term paper writing in front of you that you cannot think about the way you'll spend the holidays.

Is there a way to get through finals successfully without losing your mind? The key to success is in time management. Think about those students in your class who manage to do well every single time, regardless of the workload they have. There is one characteristic that makes them more productive than everyone else: they are able to organize their time effectively. Are you ready to make that commitment too? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Record and listen!
  2. Turn the recorder on your phone on when you're reading the materials for the first time. Then, listen to those audios whenever you travel, cook, or wash the dishes. This will save you from another reading, and you'll be able to memorize information much better when you listen to it. That's a nice way to save time and study while you're covering your daily tasks.

    During next semester, start recording your professors' lectures, especially when they are covering the most important points of the studying material. Then, you'll be able to skip a huge portion of the reading process.

  3. Make daily lists of tasks
  4. You don't need a fancy planner; a free smartphone app like Remember the Milk or Evernote will do the trick. It's important to plan how you'll spend the day. You have tons of studying and writing to do during this period of the year, so you should assign different tasks each day until you complete all goals. When you have a plan, you'll start using your time much more effectively.

  5. Have priorities!
  6. You have three exams in a single day? You know you won't be able to get top results on all of them? Instead of stressing out, it's time to make priorities. Which one of those courses is crucially important for the career you have in mind? That's where you should focus your energy. Don't neglect the other two subjects though; study enough to get passing grades.

    If you haven't completed your term papers yet, it would be wise to delegate that portion of your work to professional writers. That's how you'll get more time for studying.

  7. Manage your meals too!
  8. There is a real connection between the meals you eat and the energy levels you have. It's simple: fast food and sugary snacks won't get you through all nighters. Your body invests a lot of effort to burn such heavy calories, so your circulation and energy are focused in the stomach. This means that your brain gets less blood, and that means you're getting sleepy.

    Seriously, you absolutely need to eat more energizing meals during finals week. Fruits contain natural sugar that will make you happy, but will also act as an energy booster. Eat nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits - that's how you'll get enough brain food!

  9. Study in a group!
  10. Students can manage their time more productively when they study in a group. Think about it: each member of the group covers different sections of the material, and then you all take the role of a teacher. You get into discussions and clarify the tough parts of the text.

    If you're getting distracted when you meet with your friends, you can try connecting online. GoConqr and OpenStudy are awesome online platforms that enable you to join forces with other students in a distraction-free environment.

Proper time management will help you achieve great results on the exams. All students have the same time on their hands. Will you belong to the group of students who use that time productively, or will you complain about having too much studying to do in too little time? You already know who you want to be, so it's time to start working on your organizational skills!

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