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Tips and Tricks for Writing a Well-Built Conclusion Paragraph

When is the moment when you think about conclusion examples? Among those feelings of relief that you experience when you reach the conclusion part of your essay.

After all, you have come to an end. So, when you happily begin to write your conclusion, you might face a blockage.

And, to be sincere about it, it might come difficult at some times. We will explore a range of conclusion examples for essays and analyze some essay conclusion samples. They will guide you through the process of building the best conclusion ever.

Debunking the Myths about Conclusions

  1. From its definition, a conclusion shouldn’t be very long. Most of the guidelines available recommend beginning your conclusion with some phrases like “In conclusion…” or “In summary…” or anything similar. There is nothing more boring like this.

Of course, at the beginning of your writing career, you can state the parts of an essay how you have been taught to. It helps you have a clearer structure for your essay. After you gain some experience, it is recommended to skip these phrases.

  1. There are some people who like suspense. Of course, sometimes it does work. But no so much with these essays. Try and state your point of view and thesis in the first part of your essay. You have also to offer some details to convince the audience.

So, in this desire to keep the audience entertained, you might omit to state the obvious. Do not wait until you reach the conclusion to let you readers know what all was about.

  1. Whether you want to or not to continue writing on the same subject, do not state new ideas in the closing part. It is easy to fall into the trap of assuring that your readers will maintain their interest until the next essay.

And this might be used as a mechanism of engagement. Keep away from these new opinions and ideas stated in the conclusion part.

The Conclusion: What Should Be About? Check some conclusion examples

As you know, the conclusion is your final pleading. What is important to keep in mind is that the conclusion shouldn’t be longer than the introduction.

Both of them have kind of the same purpose: opening and closing an essay. Although the main body of your essay is the longest part, you should pay attention also to these parts of your content.

Although you might have looked for essay conclusion examples, they might be not so clear. There are some unspoken rules to keep in mind when building your conclusion:

There are a lot of conclusion examples which can serve as a source of inspiration. You have to carefully analyze them because there is a lot which is not according to these principles stated above.

The Structure of an Essay Conclusion: How to Start a Conclusion Examples

It’s easy to state what information you should include in your final part. Taking into consideration a conclusion example, the structure of a conclusion is recommended to be as follows:

  1. You should make a brief recap of your thesis
  2. You should state the main idea from each paragraph
  3. You should explain the main arguments supporting your point of view
  4. Further explanations on how the ideas fit together would be great

Examples of Conclusion

Now that we have all the information we need, we can shortly analyze some examples of conclusion. All these will help you gather more how to start a conclusion examples. They will further help you and revive your imagination.

There are three types of conclusions and how you can end your essay

  1. Argumentative essay conclusion - this is the most common type of conclusion and follows the structure presented above.

An argumentative essay conclusion could be like this: All the past years have been highlighted by massive pollution. All the plastic we throw away and ends up in our oceans, being swallowed by animals is causing so much harm. One of the main effects is the global warming, which is affecting all humans, animals, and plants. Now is the perfect time to get involved and stop the destruction of our planet.

  1. Persuasive essay conclusion - this conclusion represents your final step towards convincing the reader. It is the occasion to synthesize your point of view and include also a call to action.

The conclusion above could be reworded in a persuasive way.

We have all started to feel the effect of our massive plastic pollution. Even though it is not the only form of pollution we do (phonic pollution, air pollution), it is one of the most serious and harmful ones. We should immediately stop with the usage of plastic and start massive programs for recycling.

We all have the power to do something about this and we all should do. What are you waiting for? The downgrade of our blue planet has already started.

  1. Analytical essay conclusion - after you have presented in the main body your ideas supporting your point of view, you have to briefly present the main idea

Continuing on the same topic, here is an example: We have all observed the effects of global warming. Emphasizing that we all started it, we can also put it to an end. We have to invest more in the recycling part and education of the people on this matter.


After we have talked about all types of conclusions and how to build a solid one, it’s time for our conclusion. Keeping in mind that you don’t have to say all the details again, you can synthesize the most important ones.

There are ideas you need to get away from, like "in conclusion example". Do not fall for all these clichés.

Remember there is a solid structure which you can use when you build your conclusion. And do it in such a way that fits with the introduction and main body.

You can also include an intriguing and provocative quote from your paper, something that incites the reader’s mind. Use a persuasive essay conclusion whenever needed and encourage your readers to take action and believe in your ideas.

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