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How to participate in an essay contest?

Essay Contests

Every year different types of online and offline essay contests are held in different countries of the world and their only purpose is to impart more information and to motivate the students so that they can come up with the best and out of bound essays. But the question is, how essay contests help in individual growth?

Essay contests are special type of contests which allow students as well as others to compete against each other, as it not only creates the competitive environment but it also notifies and allow the students with distinctive qualities to stand out among the rest. The prizes of essay contests are also great, the amount could be thousands of dollars or it might be a full or a half scholarship, which allows the student to study in his favorite university without the tension of college fees as well as other expenses, as all such would be paid by the scholarship, hence allowing him to have a great overall academic career.

Method of participation

The method of participation in an essay contest is really very simple, as there are no strict or certain eligibility criteria regarding to that, however some of the possible qualification criteria includes:


Normally there is no requirement of any extra or special qualification, but they might ask you that you should have a certificate of high school clearance along your side or should have any other relevant qualification.

Age limit

Most of the essay contests that comes with a special set of prize with them, either it would be scholarship or the amount comes up with an age limit, and this is because they don't want a very old age person who is also a writer to participate in such type of contests, as it would be totally unfair for the other people who are competing in that essay contest.

Marital status

None of the essay contests have any marital status restriction, whether you are single or married you can participate in the competition; however you should not cross the defined age limit.

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