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How to stay healthy and successfully study during winter

Winter is a challenging season for the body. In order to maintain a proper health condition, the organism has to fight the cold and the germs. Additionally, it also has to face the usual day by day stress and problems. Now, if we think about the students’ lives, the body is even more under-stressed. They have to attend courses and to study too. All these activities consume a huge quantity of energy.

How to stay healthy during winter

First of all, if you want to be able to study, you must stay healthy. Follow these simple instructions and get through winter without getting sick! • Eat healthy – every meal should include vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to spent a fortune on these products; just choose the ones specific to the season. For example, oranges, apples, cabbage, carrots and beet can be found in any market.  • Exercise – the best way to produce natural heat and to grow stronger is to exercise. Attention – do not exaggerate! The goal is not to force the body! Instead, we want to make the blood flow, to better oxygenate the cells, to strengthen the muscles and to improve the general tonus.  Dress properly – don’t underestimate the force of the cold outside! Wear warm clothes and always protect your head with a hat or a scarf or anything else. Remember – the largest quantity of body heat is lost through the head! • Wear a face mask – in civilized countries, sick people wear a face mask in order not to transmit their disease to others. Unfortunately, in other areas, the situation is reversed – healthy people have to wear masks to protect themselves from others’ diseases.

How to efficiently study during winter

Now that you are healthy, let’s see how you could study efficiently in this cold season. • Keep a balanced level of energy – the brain uses the largest quantity of energy from the body. So when studying, it will constantly require more resources. Here are some energy boosting products: chocolate, honey, dates, nuts, green tea, citrus fruits, apples, beans, green vegetables, kiwi, spinach, whole grains, milk, cheese, liver, yogurt and others. You can easily include these aliments in your diet – they are common and cheap. • Drink natural juices – make them yourself. Here is a great combination – apples, carrots and beet. Squeeze and drink! • Keep yourself warm – if you are feeling cold, the brain will not focus on studying, but on warming up. Put on one more layer of clothes, stay under a duvet and drink hot tea. You can also turn on the heat to keep a balanced temperature inside the room. • Take a break – if you feel the need to rest more than usual, don’t worry – you are not becoming lazy, is just the body requiring a break! Remember that due to low temperatures, it gets tired faster. Don’t force it by drinking tons of coffee, just take a half an hour nap. In conclusion, these indications will help you stay healthy and focused!
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