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Time Management in Education

You can easily manage your time when it comes to attending three parties in the same night, but it's not that easy to plan your day carefully and cover all academic tasks you need to get done. The deadline for a particular assignment is tomorrow, but you keep procrastinating until you realize it's too late to start? Then you are ready for a real makeover of your time management skills.

Your organizational skills are very important for the overall performance at college. In order to become a successful student who achieves great results in all courses, you'll have to attack the root of the problem. Once you learn how to manage your time properly, your assignments and studying material will become less overwhelming than ever.

1. Learn how to prioritize!

Do you know what sets a high achiever apart from mediocre students? His ability to set priorities. Once you are aware of the most important tasks, you'll manage your time effectively and you'll be able to say no to distractions. As a student, you'll have to deal with loads of tasks on a daily basis. Not all of them are essential, though. If you waste too much time on activities that can be delayed for later, your performance on the most important tasks will be affected.

You have an important exam to study for? Then you can justify delaying the work on a short essay for another course until the night before submission. Needless to say, education should always be a student's priority. You'll have enough time to socialize, take a walk and read a book once you complete all tasks on your list.

2. Use a planner

Many students avoid using a planner with the excuse “planners are for nerds”. Guess what: you'll become a much more productive student if you turn planning into your daily routine.

It's easy to plan a day in your head and take the wrong turn somewhere in the middle. When you have your activities written down, you will be more self-conscious about your daily achievements. Don't criticize yourself too much if you don't manage to do everything on the list. In the evening, check how you did and plan your activities for the next day. With time and practice, you will train your mind to work according to the plan.

3. Note all exam dates and assignment deadlines

It's easy to forget all about an important test or assignment if you don't put it in your calendar. If you are using a planner app on your smartphone, adjust the settings to get early notifications. Do not delay tackling the studying material and academic assignments; always finish before the due date.

4. Leave some time for sleep and relaxation

Sleep deprivation is sometimes necessary for a student. It can make you more productive on the short term. For example, you have too much studying to do, spend a sleepless night and take the exam successfully in the morning. Then, you're too tired to do anything for days. Sometimes stress makes you productive, but it's detrimental on the long run. If you don't nurture healthy sleep habits, your energy levels and overall performance will be affected.

Did you know that relaxation techniques, when done properly, can replace hours of sleep? Learn how to relax and you'll be able to reset your brain to receive more information in times of deadline crisis.

5. Recognize the time of crisis!

Midterms and finals are a time for critical measures. You will face stress and exhaustion, but you'll need to deal with it. In such situation, it's more important than ever to distinguish your priorities and work your schedule around them.

Plan your time carefully and make sure to take short breaks in between studying sessions. The good news is that you're allowed to take a day off planning and celebrate after the exams.

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