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Modern Methods of Teacher Education

Teacher education programs have been stuck in a socio-historical vacuum for a long period of time. Then, technology changed everything. In today’s teaching environments, educators have to be prepared to face complex challenges and find a way to implement technology into the curriculums. Students have much different needs and interests when compared to those of previous generations; which means that the methods of teacher education need to evolve more than ever.

The Need for Proper Methods of Teacher Education
Every state requires teachers to complete the needed education, pass exams and obtain a license. The job duties, responsibilities and career outlook require specific training and preparation for an educator to be able to face the daily challenges of this profession. The modern approach to teacher education aims to enable instructors to recognize and address the needs of today’s students, make progress in their careers and explore the different educational trends. Although the educational system is remarkably resistant to innovation, we are currently witnessing a true revolution that imposes chances in the mindset of old-school teachers. Unlike traditional teaching methodology, the modern approach is substantially student-centered. The educator needs to help the students work at their own speed, encourage them to actively participate in the class, and develop their creative and critical thinking skills.

Technology – the Main Reason for a Revolutionized Approach
The digital revolution has transformed the minds of students. Due to the easily-searchable base of knowledge available online, they find interactive online resources much more intriguing than plain textbooks and lectures. In order to bring the coursework material closer to them, teachers need to be trained to implement technology into their teaching methods. Teacher education programs need to prepare educators to adapt new technology and principles that help today’s students fulfill their entire potential. Social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest are becoming the next big thing in education. Teachers should be encouraged to use these tools as effective means of communication with their students. Open-source technologies should also become part of the curriculum. Technology is expensive and can be complicated to use, so educators need to be trained to become more efficient and cost-effective by using open sources.

Tolerance as an Essential Characteristic of Modern Teachers
Our society is becoming increasingly diverse, so teachers need to have the right approach towards different groups and individuals, and manage all prejudices they might have. Equal treatment has always been an issue in the classroom setting. Modern methods of teacher education emphasize the importance of treating students without showing any favoritism. Today’s teacher education programs prepare educators to openly discuss sensitive topics and allow students to form their own opinions without being influenced by imposed worldviews.

Modern Teachers are Real Geeks
When a teacher loves his profession, he is able to access an unlimited base of knowledge available as free online sources and library databases. Today’s programs are focused on training educators to use these sources to their advantage.

The Context of Content is Changed
Teachers weren’t always prepared to implement new strategies and encourage students to think around the concepts introduced in class. Thanks to today’s teacher education programs, educators are finally able to find the right approach by introducing content their students are interested to learn. Students impressed by virtual reality aren’t keen on completing classic homework assignments. That’s why universities prepare future educators to experiment with different types of content and media. Teaching methods are a changing matter. In order to improve the educational process and bring all concepts closer to the students, teachers need to be more flexible and open to changes. The term “teacherpreneur” depicts the new model of educators that needs to be cultivated by today’s ways of teacher education.
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