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Productive Ways to Spend Summer

Is there a student who doesn’t love summer? You can finally have a long, blissful time of resting and recovery after the hard year at school. You are supposed to enjoy while you can, since you won’t be able to get such an extended holiday after graduation. However, taking full advantage of the summer holiday means more than working on your tan and attending every party in your proximity.

There are many ways for students to spend productive summers without feeling pressured. Let’s make a few suggestions.

1. Travel meaningfully

You planned to take a summer vacation? Good for you! You are allowed to spend few days bronzing on the beach, drink few cocktails and have superficial conversations with strangers. However, don’t limit yourself in that way over the vacation.

Take long walks and explore the area. It doesn’t matter what place you decided to visit; there are always interesting things to see and discover. Traveling can expand your horizons, as long as you are flexible and adventurous enough.

You are staying home for the holidays? Don’t feel bad about yourself; there are plenty of things you can do in your town. Catch up with old friends and remind yourself of the good times.

2. Read… or watch movies!

If you like reading, summer is the perfect time to reconnect with your favorite authors. Use this time wisely, since you won’t have much space for your favorite pastime once you start working after graduation. You wouldn’t want to wait until retirement to finally read the War and Peace, would you? Set your goals high and make a list with challenging pieces you always wanted to read.

You don’t like books? Then you surely wouldn’t mind exploring a certain area of cinematography. Pick a genre and organize movie nights. Once you see the most influential movies ever made, you can call yourself an expert.

3. Find your call!

You still haven’t decided on a major? Don’t stress out. Summer is the perfect time to explore your opportunities. Think about your goals and imagine where you see yourself in ten years from now. How can you start working towards that goal? Do a proper career research.

These activities won’t take your summer away, so take some responsibility and don’t try to delay them.

4. Eat good food and exercise!

You don’t have much time to think about healthy food and exercising when you’re dealing with exams. All you can think of is coffee and junk food that doesn’t take much preparation, but gives you the needed energy to go through the day. Well, summer is the perfect time to change those habits.

If you are spending a couple of months at home, you’ll enjoy real meals with your family. If not, you can take responsibility and learn how to cook something healthy. Replace your coffee maker with a juicer; you’ll soon become dependent on it.

You always wanted to start taking yoga classes? Now you don’t have excuses. It’s time to develop healthy habits that will improve your overall productivity as a student.

5. Get a summer job

This may seem like a punishment after a whole year of studying, essays and exams, but it doesn’t have to be that scary. As a student, you have to worry about finances as well. A summer job will take care of that aspect, but will also offer you some resume material, an opportunity to meet great friends, and become a more responsible person.

If an internship sounds too serious for you, then you can find a relaxed summer job as a bartender, assistant in event organizing, or another position that will launch you in a busy, challenging, and fun environment.

Summer is the perfect time to relax, but don’t turn it into a complete waste of time!

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