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LinkedIn for Students: How to Make the Best of It?

Students are already aware of the excellent potential of LinkedIn for connecting job hunters with the right employers. However, most of them choose to ignore the platform throughout their studies, simply because they are not focused on developing careers yet. If you want to find a great job as soon as you get your degree, then you need to start exploring the world of LinkedIn as early as possible! Although LinkedIn is a social networking service, it’s much different from the social platforms you are already used to. Beginners may have hard time understanding how to build their profiles and make the best of their time spent on LinkedIn, so you’ll definitely find the following tips useful.

1. Create a proper profile. If you want to benefit from the entire potential of LinkedIn, then you have to pay attention to the way you present yourself on the network. The first thing you should do is claim your URL and customize it with your name. This may seem as an insignificant detail, but it will help you get noticed in Google search results. Don’t set a selfie as your profile photo! Your LinkedIn profile should present you in the most professional manner. Highlight your skills and interests, but be very specific in this section.

2. Explore the market of your interest.The job market is a flexible category. The environment will be altered when you get the actual degree, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the current market circumstances. With the help of LinkedIn, you will follow the trends and opportunities for employment, so you’ll be able to focus your studies towards areas with greater potential.

3. Work on your connections! Every connection is a good connection. Having a LinkedIn account is senseless if you don’t start connecting with others. Sure, you already have social connections via Facebook and Twitter, but your LinkedIn connections are different; they will serve as potential career references when you start hunting for jobs.

4. Use keywords. You might not like this part, but you need to use keywords if you want recruiters to locate you on LinkedIn. Inserting the right keywords when describing your strengths will help you get noticed by employers who are looking for people with your skills.

5. Connect with other students. The obvious purpose of LinkedIn is creating connections between job hunters and employers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t connect with students as well. This network will open great opportunities once you get your degree, since many current students will already be engaged in the workforce and can recommend you to relevant employers.

6. Present your work. You don’t have much professional experience at this time, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use LinkedIn to present your skills. If you have completed a college project you are particularly proud of, make sure to show it to potential employers. In addition, you should also include information about relevant internships, organizations and clubs you have been part of. Include specific information about the skills you developed during these activities.

7. Find internships. If you are looking for the perfect internship opportunity, then LinkedIn is the right place to start your search. Recruiters from prestigious companies are constantly looking for interns on LinkedIn. With an easily-detectable profile that presents your talents and sets you apart from the competition, you will get a chance to work for your dream company.

Expand your horizons; start using LinkedIn today! It won’t be easy to navigate through the sea of job hunters once you get your college degree. Perfecting your LinkedIn profile as a student will help you get a sense of the way the market functions and be prepared to enter the workforce as soon as you graduate. Make sure to update your profile on regular basis and develop the right connections!
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