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Become the Master of Essay Hooks with These Easy Tips and Tricks

There is no student who didn’t analyze how to write a good hook for that essay due tomorrow. Essays are an important part of every student life. Have you thought about using any essay hooks? The beginning of your essay is maybe the most important part. The reader offers you the occasion to impress him, to caption his attention. And how can you do that? By learning how to write a good hook.

What Is an Essay Hook?

Maybe you have heard the term, but you don’t know exactly what does it mean. Oh well, it is not about that curved device that we use for holding our clothes or for catching fish. But, their functionality is kind of the same.

As with one of them you can grab some fish, with the essay hook, you grab your reader’s attention. You give him a sneak peak of what’s next. And at the same time, you give enough information for him to be interested in.

Tips on Creating Good Essay Hooks

Now that everything is clear, let’s find out some tips on writing good essay hooks. Don’t stress about it, let your imagination fly.

First of all, you have to analyze your audience and use the words accordingly. Of course, you have to expose your point of view in such a way that everyone can understand it.

But if you have an essay at Biology, don’t use the words that a 10-year-old uses. Show your professor that you know and understand the meaning of the scientific terms.

Second of all, you might fall into the trap of giving too much information, just to be sure that you grab the attention of your reader. Don’t do this. Don’t forget about the rest of your essay, where you should share the main information.

Even though your reader might become interested in the subject you are presenting, if he finds out everything in the beginning, you lost him. Readers want to be always engaged, so present your topic in such a way.

And the final point is about what information should include the perfect hook. And the secret to finding this is analyzing your target audience. Let’s say you want to submit your paper to a Psychology Journal. If published, it will be read by students and other professionals that want to expand their knowledge, to learn new things.

So, include the relevant information and don’t talk about yourself. They are not here for this type of information. Try to find out what the readers want to find out in your essay and start making them more and more interested in the subject.

Find Sources of Inspiration for Your Future Essay Hooks

To create good essay hooks, you can use different sources of inspiration. Keep in mind that if you use citations from credible sources, your paper will gain more credibility. And if the reader trusts your opinion, he or she will keep reading until the end. Let’s see what sources you can use for finding inspiration or citing some facts or opinions.

Of course, there are a lot of sources you can use. Remember to use the credible ones. Your essay will look more trustworthy.

And if you still do not know how to create an essay hook, we will discuss some essay hook examples.

Let’s Analyze Some Hook Examples That Could Turn Into the Perfect Hooks for Essays

Let’s shed the light onto some examples and advice so that you can build the perfect set-up.

  1. The question hook - the intriguing question

The question hook is represented by that intriguing question a writer addresses his readers. It is that question that makes you want to read more, to find out more.

For example, let’s say your essay is in Psychology. You can start with this kind of hook: Have you ever thought about the basis of our behaviors, of our thoughts and ways of acting? They all have the same common factor, and that is our brain.

Don’t you already want to find out more about this subject? If you go on, you expect to find out more about the human brain but your interest is already directed towards reading the next part.

  1. The Statistic hook - the hook with numbers

If you want to offer your readers more information, you should use this kind of hook. The use of numbers and percentages in a presentation of some subject automatically gains more trust.

Continuing on the same idea, you can write something similar to this: You have probably heard the myth that we use only 10% of our brain. What if you find out the latest studies say that we use 65% of our brain? You use more than 20% for reasoning. So there is a lot to say about other cognitive processes, like remembering, arousal or emotions.

Always try to offer some more brief details about the percentages you have presented. But not too much, just to grab the attention and incite the reader.

  1. The Quotation Hook - what can we learn from a famous saying

If it is a famous saying or not-so-famous, it’s not an impediment. You can begin your essay with a quote, but from a credible source, of course.

For example, you can begin your paper on Psychology with this quote: Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind (Jeffrey Eugenides).

Don’t forget, it’s always important to explain why the quotes or anecdotes are relevant for your paper and your point of view. Depending on the audience, you can also begin with a joke or short story, relevant for the subject.


It may seem a little bit difficult, but it’s not so demanding as it looks. Besides the presented examples, you can always use metaphors or short stories about famous people. If your reader knows or has heard about the cited people, it will be more inclined to continue reading. They realize that they know something about that subject, but maybe not enough. And like this, they want to find out more.

Now that you have found how to write a hook for an essay, use these guidelines in the process of creating some good hooks for essays. Let your imagination fly and unleash the inner you who will conquer his readers.

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