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How to Title an Essay – Simple Guides

Many students underestimate the importance of a good title for essay, especially if their assignment involves a research paper or any form of academic paper. Teachers, as most people in the world, judge the book by its cover, and the title plays the main role on each cover.

Some might find coming up with good titles for essays is a piece of cake, but you really should not underestimate the complexity of this task. It takes effort and a drop of creativity to beautifully wrap up the whole paper in a rather short title.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’re presenting you some simple tips to effectively assign a title to your academic essay. Pay close attention!

The Importance of Your Essay Title

As a student, you are no professional writer, so let me assure you that the title you choose is carefully judged by most teachers, as it represents the main key to a good grade for your paper. Unfortunately, most essays suffer from poor and ignorant titles, so surprise your teacher with a marvelous essay title.

When you pick up a book or decide what movie to watch, isn’t it the title the one who catches your eye first and leads you towards making the decision of giving that book or movie a chance? I bet it is, and the same goes for any research or academic paper you’re assigned with.

Therefore, you should “stress your mind” on brainstorming the perfect title at the beginning of your essay as good essay titles don’t always pop up when we want to. Leave it and you’ll see that during the writing process some brilliant ideas will pop up in your mind. Either way, don’t start writing without having an outline to guide your path!

Crucial Aspects for Good Essay Titles

The title should be nothing less for your essay as it is the crown for a king. Therefore, here are the 3 aspects that make all titles for essays worthy of your content:

  1. The title should wrap up the main ideas from your essay.
  2. It should be designed to instantly hook up any reader.
  3. It should provide a unique element that will help your work stand out from the crowd.

How to Title an Essay Promptly

The best answer you can get on the question “how to title an essay properly” is to keep it simple. Keeping things simple is way much better than any twisted ideas that may confuse or mislead the teacher, even if you did brilliant connections. Everyone knows what a title stands for, so you must know that there’s no place for details. Choose wisely 3 to 6 words that would describe and cover the best words that will follow.

You should definitely watch your language when you choose the words for the title, but do it in a lyrical way, not in a rude way. Some think that the fanciest it is the better it is, but can you recall any fancy words in any well-known title of a book? I bet you don’t. Simply put, fancy doesn’t mean good or appropriate.

In most of the cases, fancy words are extra words which may lead to second thoughts, and that’s why you should strive to keep your title and language easy-to-grasp. Use the main keywords to stand as triggers in the title and you’ve just got yourself the perfect title for essay on any kind of topics.

Sometimes, we resort to all kind of ideas just to make something better, to make something look more sophisticated. But then again, this might be an obvious sign of someone who’s trying too hard.

Of course, if there’s any jargon or abbreviation connected to your main ideas and they are very relative, it may be all right to use them. Otherwise, no teacher will appreciate such a cheap trick in your attempt to impress. Quite the contrary, it would rather make him/her move on to the next paper.

9 Tips for Creating Good Titles for Essays

  1. Brainstorm a descriptive sentence and let it stand as the title of your paper. This is how many writers came up with brilliant essay titles.
  2. Present your paper’s title in other words than the ones you used in the introduction.
  3. Formulate it as a question trick.
  4. Appeal to the reader’s emotions.
  5. Choose words that will force the reader to use their imagination.
  6. Sarcasm is a great way to satirize a topic.
  7. Try to introduce some mystery around without making it sound like a cliché.
  8. Rewrite any famous movie, song, or book title that will fit your subject.
  9. Make it sound epic in one or two words.

How to Write Creative Titles for Essays?

A great writer will always put his trust in his imagination when he has to name one of his masterpieces. After all, only he can know his audience preferences, so he can use this information as a tool to use the right words and catch the reader’s eye.

Now, if you lack imagination or you’re stuck at the title, here are some simple tips you can use to create a suited and creative titles for essays:


In the end, I want to highlight – once again – the true importance of choosing titles for essays. Now, even though the title is a critical aspect, your content has a lot of place for improvements. However, if you want your grade to be perfect, both the content and the title of your essay should be carefully thought and written.

Most students consider that naming your paper is a task that takes just a few moments or minutes, while, in fact, it’s a whole process of creation. You must properly compress your content into a catchy title. So, don’t rush, take your time and reflect on your content until you find the perfect title for your masterpiece. Good luck!

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