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Field Trips: Educational Value, Benefits and Disadvantages

Field trips are not anything new in the world of education. Students and teachers have always been excited to get out of the classroom and directly explore different concepts of nature, history, art, science, and more. Unfortunately, with all the technology that’s taking place in today’s educational system, teachers pay less attention to field trips as one of the most effective methods for teaching. Museums report a considerable decline in school tours, mainly because these trips are considered to be an unnecessary expense. Although virtual museum tours are a cool way for a teacher to make certain lectures more fun, they cannot replace the real experience.

Benefits of Field Trips

Disadvantages of Field Trips

The Undeniable Educational Value of Field Trips Although there are some disadvantages to field trips, they are few when compared to the benefits and great educational value of this teaching method. With proper management and detailed planning, the field trip can be turned into a memorable experience for both students and teachers.

Properly-executed field trips result with a great improvement in the students’ critical thinking skills, tolerance, historical empathy, and artistic inclinations. When children are taken to intriguing places they haven’t seen before, they are able to discover new interests and approach their studies from a more practical angle. That’s what learning is all about!
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