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Unusual Ways to Celebrate Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is the highlight of autumn; it’s the day when we can all show how creative, witty and spooky we are. Enough of the carved pumpkins and ghost costumes! The old-fashioned ways of celebrating Halloween are so boring. No one said you have to pull out a Heidi Klum on everyone, but the least you can do is try to make the day as frightening as possible for yourself. You get bonus points for managing to scare other people at the same time.

In the continuation, you’ll find 4 wicked suggestions on how to make this Halloween memorable.

  1. Bring the Real Grimm Brothers to Life
  2. If you look deeper into old fairytales, you won’t find much love, white magic and bright princesses. The blood and horror of the real Grimm Brothers has been watered down in the tales you encountered as a kid. Did you know that the evil queen was Snow White’s real mother? Yes, she wanted the death of her own child. Rapunzel was not as innocent as Disney made her seem… the prince made her pregnant, if you know what I mean.

    Bottomline – Grimm gave us a lot of darkness to be inspired by. How about bringing a real story to life? You can turn your house into scenery from a frightening bedtime story. Invite all children you know and crush their dreams for living happily ever after. Okay, you don’t really have to do that, but your friends will have a lot of fun recreating creepy German folklore.

  3. Spend the Night Alone. Frighten Yourself to Death!
  4. Spending Halloween with your friends is fun. Spending it all alone is much more appropriate for a night of terror. Stephen King can be your company. Read The Shining – one of the scariest books ever written. You have other options too: Pet Sematary, The Exorcist, The Turn of the Screw… If you didn’t think that literature can be frightening, think again! These masterful authors tell you chilling stories and leave the visualization to you. Rest assured that your imagination will throw you a nice party with night terrors.

    This is the night when you should cut the connection with the outside world. Don’t watch TV, don’t spend time on social networks and don’t open the door to happy children asking for sweets. Turn your phone off and pray to live to see the light of day.

  5. Throw a Sleepover Party and Call the Spirits
  6. Your friends will get sarcastic when you mention the Ouija Board. They might make fun of you, but everyone will be open for jokes on Halloween night. Make them sorry for laughing! Before you start calling the spirits, make sure to give some background on the Ouija Board.

    Then, start asking questions and the spirits will use the planchette to write their message to this world. Of course, they will have your help. You know tons of stuff about your friends, so it will be easy for you to come up with a way to scare them to death. Who knows; maybe the board will surprise you and you’ll have a real connection with the other world.

  7. Visit a Haunted House
  8. Is there a story about a haunted house in your area? You’re lucky; that’s the perfect Halloween destination. It’s probably abandoned, as all haunted houses are. Only you and your closest friends can know about this. Do not break into the house. That’s illegal and you might suffer real consequences.

    You can explore the area around the house, try to take a look through the windows, and tell stories about the people who lived there. Staying at a haunted hotel is another choice you might regret.

Remember: Halloween is much more than candy and costumes. It’s all about getting yourself and other people scared. Use the opportunity to have an adventure you won’t forget.

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