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Unusual St. Valentine's Gift Ideas

After that entire Christmas euphoria, it's time to calm down and focus our energy to the real kind of love, which doesn't require buying presents for everyone we know. It's time to think about that very special person that makes our life beautiful, exciting, sensuous, and sometimes miserable. Valentine's Day is close, people!

The legends behind the name of Valentinius, the saint who we celebrate on February 14, are rarely based on historical facts. There is a peculiar thing that makes us wonder about the true origins of this holiday: the things we know about this saint have nothing to do with love. Well, let's leave the history and discussions about this holiday to hipsters. There are more important things for those of us who want to devote a special day to love. For example, we are all have a serious dilemma on our minds: what present should we get for that special one?

Heart-shaped cakes and teddy bears are too mainstream and they don't reflect our true emotions. We have to think of something different and unique. Don't worry; the following ideas will give you some hints:

   1. Ski Wear

You're both cold and you can't wait for the spring to bring some sunshine into your life? Don't be a grumbler; start looking on the bright side of things. What can be more romantic than a snowy mountain where you both learn a new skill and have the adventure of your life? Ski wear is the perfect gift for this holiday.

This is a more expensive gift idea that will cost you over $200, and the price will surely go up when you realize you have to supplement the outfit with an actual mountain holiday. If you can't afford such an expense at the moment, maybe you can start saving money for next year's Valentine's adventure.

   2. A Ring

Yup, Saint Valentine's Day is the perfect day for men to propose. It may seem like a clich because you think that thousands of couples around the world get engaged on this very day. However, think of it this way: this surprise is so expected on this day that a woman would never think her man would go for it. That's what makes it unexpected!

If you're ready for it, this day gives you an occasion to make next big step in the relationship. Find the perfect ring and do it!

   3. A Key

A proposal gives you the chills? It's okay; you can go for something less drastic than that. Get a nice little box and place a key to your apartment inside. This gift works great for both men and women, but you have to be prepared for all good and bad changes it will bring into your life.

   4. Star Wars Shirts

When you think about it, Star Wars is actually the greatest love story ever shown on screen. It really changed the world and made us think about the choices emotions lead us to. Two cool shirts with your favorite characters from the franchise will make you the coolest couple in the neighborhood.

   5. One Line a Day - A Five-Year Memory Book

This is a great present for a woman or man who likes to write. It's a memory keeper that will serve as a reminder of your love. The user should write one line of thoughts every single day. When you revisit those memories in few years, you'll understand how deep your love has been. This kind of gift makes a promise that you're ready to stay in the relationship for a long time.

Remember: you don't have to try too hard to think of the perfect gift for your partner. If you truly love this person, you already have insights into their hidden desires. Listen to your intuition and you'll surely discover the ideal surprise for this year's Valentine's Day.

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