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Top Popular and Top Unusual Winter Sports Activities in the US

Instead of complaining about the cold and waiting for the spring to begin, you can do something more productive during the winter: try something new and have lots of fun along the way! You were never a fan of skiing? Maybe you can try a different kind of winter sport this year. Check out this list of popular and unusual winter sport activities in the USA.

  1. Dog Sledding
  2. Alaska has an official sport: dog sledding. It’s not only about having a great adventure in the snow; it’s about becoming one with this raw nature and discovering a whole new side to dogs. You will learn about their characters and you’ll love each and every one of them by the end of the journey.

    A tour of two or three days will be a lifetime experience that will change your mind about winter.

  3. Show Tubing
  4. This is a fun way to get down a mountain without breaking a leg. Didn’t you love snow when you were young? It was incredibly fun to slide down a hill. It’s time to go back to your childhood: snow tubing is a family-friendly experience you’ll definitely remember.

    You can take part in this ‘sport’ on every snowy mountain in the US. The Camelback Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania is the usual choice for people who want to try snow tubing.

  5. Ski Biking
  6. This sport is very popular in Europe, but it’s finally getting attention in the US too. You have never heard about bicycles that have skis instead of wheels? Those are perfect for getting through the slopes of a mountain covered with snow. The bikes are very safe and easy to control, so you’ll trust them more than you trust skis or a snowboard.

    You can take your ski bike on any mountain in the US that’s appropriate for skiing. You can rest assured you’ll attract a lot of attention with it.

  7. Ice Yachting
  8. You love sailing in the summer? Then you were meant to try this winter sport. Instead of sailing through open waters, you’ll find yourself onto a large, windy area covered in ice. You’ll still have a sailboat. An ice yacht carries a crew of 6-7 passengers, so this sport is perfect for socializing.

    The bays near New York are perfect for this sport. People here have a different type of iceboat, called scooter, which can be safely used on thin ice. If you want to try real ice yachting, then Madison, Wisconsin is your best choice.

  9. Snow Kiting
  10. This is another sport that will make you look really cool on Instagram. Snow kiting is a real adventure that teaches you how to trust the wind and use it to make magic. The kite is similar to a parachute and acts as a sail. When you achieve good speed through skiing, you’ll fly into the air! You can easily control the kite with the handles, but it takes some trial and error to learn how to use the potential of the wind.

    If you’re a beginner, you can visit the sites in North Conway, New Hampshire. These sites offer certified instruction and guiding services that will make you feel safe while having the greatest adventure of your life.

  11. Snow Golf
  12. Who said you needed endless fields of grass to practice your favorite sport? Snow is the perfect surface for golf! The balls and tees are colored in bright shades, so you’ll easily spot them onto the white. The rules of the sport are similar to actual golf, so you’ll easily get used to them.

    If you’re looking for the perfect destination for snow golfing, consider the Look Mountain Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

You like spending the winter at home, trying several types of tea in a single day? It’s time to start living life to the fullest. The 6 unusual winter sports listed above will teach you to love the crisp snow more than ever.

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