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Star Wars: What Can We Learn from the Story?

Have you ever wondered why so many people are obsessed with Star Wars? This is how far true fans went: there is a nontheistic movement called Jediism, which is based on the philosophy that George Lucas created. People who have never watched the movies think this is crazy, but fans knew better: the story is intertwined with deep wisdom in every single scene.

If Star Wars didn’t make you think about the meaning of life, you should definitely give it another try. Until then, you can check out this list of things we can learn from this magnificent story.

  1. The good wins. But it’s not easy.
  2. The war between the good and the bad never ends. Our entire existence is based on the choices we make. There are two extreme sides of each choice, and endless nuances in between. The Universe is created upon the principles of balance, and the actions of all individuals contribute towards it. Sometimes we disturb this balance and the dark side prevails with the world. Then, interventions are necessary.

    We saw that the good won in Star Wars, but the characters achieved that after a long, exhausting war with the dark side. This is what we learned: people can’t expect the governments to create the perfect system and welfare. We all share the same responsibility to make contributions.

  3. Every hero needs a teacher
  4. The world of Star Wars would be nothing without Yoda. People cannot discover their true potential and understand themselves without following the guidelines of a real master. Yoda gave his disciples the most precious opportunity to discover themselves.

    Common people are no different. We can get our food, jobs, information, homes, and a certain level of knowledge when we are left on our own. When we want to discover the reason of our existence, suffering and joys, we need a teacher. Everyone’s life is marked with the influence of such a special person. Some people have actual spiritual teachers, but most of us have our parents, favorite writers, and special friends to look up to.

  5. We don’t need many things to live the life we want
  6. Sure, jedis had cool air vehicles, but they didn’t live in abundance. In fact, Obi-Wan lived a very simple life during the exile on Tatooine. Yoda was also very humble. He didn’t need fancy food, entertainment and distractions to stay strong. Real people don’t need such things either; we just need more time to understand that.

  7. Even when you go bad, the grain of light can bring you back
  8. Darth Vader experienced few personal revolutions during the series. He went from a good boy to an ambitious jedi to an evil villain. At the end of his life, love brought him back to the light side. Do you recognize yourself somewhere in these stages?

    Not all people turn into Vaders when life hits them, but anger tends to prevail in all of us. When we give ourselves away to bad feelings and actions, it’s hard to get back on the right track. However, it’s not impossible. If Vader could do it, there is hope for us all.

  9. Trust your intuition
  10. Obi-Wan Kenobi was a smart guy. He once said “Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them. Stretch out with your feelings.” We all base our impressions upon the 5 senses we possess. Sometimes we are too dependent upon them, so we forget that our intuition has its own way of telling us what’s right in a particular moment.

    Our feelings and hunches can guide us through certain decisions very successfully. We just need to learn how to trust them.

    The Star Wars character you love tells a lot for your personality. Whoever you choose to identify yourself with, there is one thing to keep in mind: there is always space for personal growth.

    May the Force be with you.

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