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David Bowie - What He Has Brought to the World

Many people were lifetime fans of David Bowie, some respected him in 'normal' doses, and others simply heard of him and knew only some of his songs. It didn't matter January 11th was a day when social media were flooded with tributes in his honor. This was a man of great talent. His music certainly left a trace, but so did his striking personality and exceptional intelligence. Even people who don't like his music have to admit - Ziggy made a huge influence over humanity.

Oh his 69th birthday, on January 8th, he gave the world a last present: his last album named Blackstar. Only few days after the release, we had to face the bad news. The intensity of shock after Bowie's death was understandable, given the fact that we never perceived him as someone subjected to earthly rules of living and dying.

Tracks that Unveiled a Whole New World of Music

When Bowie released his first song Space Oddity in July 1969 (the year when Sugar by The Archies ruled the playlists), he seemed like he came from a different century or another planet. Although his last album, Blackstar, is very different from the sound he introduced during the beginnings of his career, it still represents the same desire for pushing the borders of music through experimental twists.

After his death, people from the entire world agreed upon the fact that he was brilliant. Bowie was an outsider throughout his entire life. The greatest representative of his music was that image of an alien. The blend of rock, jazz, soul, and cabaret was the common thread that connected the confusion and depth of his personality.

Bowie's videos and concerts reflected his natural talent to challenge people's opinions and emotions. If there was one word that described his music, it would have to be revolutionary. His own interpretation of his music is enough for us to define the style he presented: You have to remember that I write as an impressionist. What I tend to do is let a series of events or circumstances kind of press triggers in me and I write from that point of view. So they're not really linear songs.

It Wasn't Only Music that Made Bowie Famous

If you can find someone who has never heard of Bowie and his music before, introduce them to some of his songs and ask them how they imagine the appearance of this character. Don't expect an answer like he probably looks like a random man. That sound had to come from an exceptional soul that did not fit into the crowd.

Bowie was not one of those musicians who wanted to be present in media under any cost. He gave interviews really sparingly and let his music and lifestyle do the talking. When he did give an interview, he gave everything his fans expected. He intrigued them with provocative answers they would never expect.

When Vanity Fair published an edition that brought together the responses 101 notable individuals gave to Marcel Proust's questionnaire, David Bowie's answers attracted great attention. The musician's opinions were featured among the responses of Martin Scorsese, Johnny Cash, Salman Rushdie, Arthur Miller, and other prominent cultural figures.

There is one part of this questionnaire that allows us to understand Ziggy's approach to life and music in general:

What is your favorite journey?

The road of artistic excess.

Bowie Taught Us a Lesson

Let's not allow Bowie's life and death to go by just like any random event we encounter throughout our lives. This was a man who taught us that we can never stand out when we try to fit in. This great man showed us that superhumans are not a category that exists only in comics. We can all be superheroes when we're not afraid to be individuals.

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