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Creative Ideas for Christmas Presents

Chocolate, books, sweaters, warm socks, hats and gloves… all these gifts are great for Christmas, but they are getting a bit boring. Is there something more creative you can put under the tree this year? Of course there is!

First of all, you need to shift away from the materialistic attitude when you're thinking which gifts to pick for the ones you love. Last year your cousin gave you an expensive perfume, so you set a budget to return the favor? A creative gift has nothing to do with the price. It may be really expensive, but it can also be affordable. The value of the present is weighed through the love and enthusiasm you choose it with.

Enough of the wisdoms, let's get to the real thing. Here is a list of ideas for Christmas presents that will inspire your list this year:

  1. A Personalized Mug
  2. Get few plain white mugs and Sharpie oil-based markers. First, think of the design you are going to create. Does the person have a favorite quote? Maybe you can write something about their love for coffee or tea. You can also draw a creative presentation of how you two usually hang out. The result will be awesome, and your friends and family members will always think of you when then grab their new favorite mug.

  3. Pirelli Calendar 2016
  4. This year, Pirelli hired Annie Leibovitz to conceptualize and shoot the photographs for the new calendar. This is a revolutionary edition that breaks all clichés attached to women's appearance. If you have a woman in your life you truly and deeply respect, this will be the perfect gift for her.

    Leibovitz presents women as strong, but natural personalities through these photographs. There is nothing of that sexual, fragile presentation of women we were used to seeing. Any woman would love to have this calendar, which is most likely to become a collector's item. Sexuality is no longer in the spotlight, people; it's time for real women to step into the picture.

    There is a catch: the calendar won't be for sale. It will be an exclusive item given to 20,000 VIPs. That's why you can turn it into a DIY project. You'll find the photographs online. Print them out on high-quality paper and create a beautiful catalog with your signature and dedication.

  5. Homemade Organic Cosmetics
  6. You can pick lovely essential oils, depending on the preferred scents of the person you have in mind. Then, discover some online recipes for organic soaps, body butters, and body scrubs. Create a personalized collection, pack the products in lovely jars and paper with Christmas motives, and there you go – an awesome gift basket that shows how much you care.

  7. Game of Thrones or Star Wars Board Games
  8. Board games are a Christmas trademark. However, you should shift away from Monopoly this year, so try to get as creative as possible with your choices. You have some hardcore Game of Thrones fans around you? A themed board game will be a great surprise! The Dragon Chess Set is another great choice for your closest friends.

    Here is something even more fun: a Star Wars Chess Set. It's time to see which side of the force will prevail!

  9. Personalized Candy Jars
  10. Who doesn't love candy? Buy a huge, lovely jar and fill it with candy in all colors. Then, print out a personalized poem and attach it to the jar. If you can't call yourself a poet, then you can easily find a fun, inspirational text online. Add Christmassy fabric on the cap and tie it with colorful twine.

    Regardless of the gifts you choose, keep in mind that this is a very special holiday. Families get together, we put our worries aside and we are grateful for all blessings we experience. Your smile and positive vibes are the best Christmas gifts you could ever give.

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