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I am Professor Howard Hills and I work as an Adjunct Professor in the College of Arts and Letters at Idaho State University. I enjoy teaching students about the joy of English literature and how enriching it can be in their everyday lives.

My passion for English literature started as a freshman college student at Reed College in 1978. It was there that my professors and classmates showed me how rewarding a career in teaching and learning about literature could be. After graduating from Reed College in 1982, I went on to get my PhD in English literature at Indiana University. My dissertation covered the biblical yet secular slant of William Blake’s poetry. While at Indiana University, I met my wife Marjorie and we were married after graduation. We have two sons, Nick and Travis, who already are in college.

Before attaining my current position at Idaho State University, I worked as a high school English teacher in Bloomington, Indiana. It was there that I discovered my true passion in this life was teaching. I really enjoyed teaching students how to improve their essay writing and showing them how it could change their lives. Many of my former students went on to study at prestigious universities because of the help I provided them with their admissions essays. Still, after ten years of teaching at the high school level, I wanted a different challenge.

This led me to apply for the position of Adjunct Professor of English Literature at Idaho State University. I was honored to have been given the position and with my family’s blessing, we moved to Idaho. It was exciting to have more professional syllabi than I was accustomed to at the high school level. The students were enthusiastic and enjoyed my laid-back style while learning and writing a great deal about the classics of English literature in my courses.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling with my wife to Europe. We have already visited France, Spain, and Italy. Next year, we are planning an extensive trip to Germany. My other hobbies include volunteering at a local adult literacy center where I teach adults how to read. My other love is constructing model ships inside glass bottles. I feel so lucky to have found a career that I truly enjoy and love as well as a family to share the journey with.

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